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We are here with an idea to give a boost to your business in the best way possible. With the ultimate tools and right strategy, and most important, investment in the proper technique makes you touch the heights of success! Here at Digital Korbax, we are eager to add make you lead the way!
Here we carve the path to success with the latest and advanced technologies so genuine leads can approach your business and become potential clients!

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I have been working with Digital Korbax over a year and the services are awesome and I haven’t had a need to go anywhere for any type of digital services or customer service. Everything needed, they have someone that can help! I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for anything.

Lasundia Reese, Miraclesofcredit

Digital Korbax is Amazing… They are hardworking, dedicated and provides great customer experiences. They also go over and beyond to ensure their job / task is completed on time and are always available. I will highly recommend!

Keva Chester, Chester Realty Group LLC

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for business support needs, look no further. The team at Digital Korbax does what it takes to get the job done and satisfactory.

Chantelle Daniels, ReDefiners World Languages


What is a marketing workshop?2020-11-23T23:10:22+05:00

A marketing workshop is an information-gathering workshop that runs through all areas of your marketing strategy, fielding ideas, flooring concerns, and opportunities, cementing objectives, and firm goals. The Marketing Eye marketing workshop is unique and aims to give our clients an insight into where their marketing can go with the help of a Marketing Eye.

Do I need to budget for more than the designated consulting fees?2020-11-23T23:09:49+05:00

Marketing Eye Atlanta is used to working with companies with little or no marketing budget. Your marketing budget should be commensurate with the results you are looking for.

Do I get to pick my marketing manager?2020-11-23T23:08:35+05:00

In our years of business, we have never had a situation whereby a client has not wanted to work with the Marketing Consultant chosen on their account. However, if this does occur, we will gladly provide you with another qualified marketing consultant to work with your business to achieve sales results.

When taking on a 12-month program, is the time I spend with the Marketing Eye flexible?2020-11-23T23:13:07+05:00

We understand that certain times of the year are better than others for specific marketing activities. So if your firm needs to funnel more time and resources in a particular month to achieve a particular marketing requirement, our team will work with you to utilize time from another month to ensure your marketing needs are met.

What can Marketing Eye do for my business?2020-11-23T23:13:17+05:00

Marketing Eye ultimately helps your business grow. Many businesses cannot afford a full-time Marketing Manager or the expense of an agency, so we offer businesses like yours the opportunity to hire a Senior Marketing Specialist on a consultancy basis to manage result-driven marketing programs. Having a marketing eye in your business will ensure that your marketing goals align with your business’s deliverables. Our Marketing Specialist will also determine the best positioning for your firm in the market and communicate this to sales leads.

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