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Entertain your customers with the best support and enhance your business! Hiring professionals to handle such tasks makes it a breeze for you!
How We Help Business Owners Go Beyond The Bottom Line?
Here at digital Korbax, we keep our eyes on the final goal and plan the strategy correctly. We believe that your business can flourish only when your customer is happy, and to make a customer happy, you must have a perfect customer support service to make them believe that you are always there for them. Customer feedback is essential, and the best part is to convince them that your benefits are the timely and immediate action taken on their demand. Digital Korbax understands the urgency and delicacy of this matter, and that is why we keep our focus on customer satisfaction.

Customer Support Outsourcing Services

Email Support

Email responses should be quick and of outstanding quality for your consumers. Whether you’re just beginning or scaling up, you can provide email assistance 24/7 with us.

Chat Support

Committed chat agents are available to our customers worldwide that require dedicated “lead based” chat assistance.

Call Support

Hire customer service professionals who are familiar with your trade, speak like you, and can answer questions competently in your place.

Data Entry

Providing to not only different data entry needs in a proficient and professional manner, but also offer customized solutions to fit your requirements.

Research & Development

Creativity and promotion are improved via R&D. It will not only raise the standard of services and operations, but it may also spark innovations you never imagined were conceivable.

Cold Calling

Remote cold callers that have received professional training will handle your B2B cold calling and fill your schedule with appropriate sales meetings.

Outbound Calling

Enabling individuals and businesses to benefit from our outbound call center outsourcing services.

Inbound Calling

Assisting both people and companies to gain from our outsourcing services for inbound call centers.

Want Your Customers to be Guided Properly?

We provide the best customer services that focus on hiring external support reps that assist your brand’s audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offering an omni channel approach can improve customer experience. Additional tools such as Live Chat, Knowledge Bases and 24/7 Phone Support can all boost the customer/e-commerce business relationship.
Most Americans consult online ratings before making a purchase decision. Rapid response is critical on social media and without an outsourced partner it can be hard to keep up. With monitored social media, sensitive conversations can be moved out of the public eye and into a private channel.
Contact center metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are how we measure success. These include First Contact Resolution Rates, Service Level and Response Times, Post-Call Surveys and Net Promoter Scores.
An inbound call is initiated when a customer calls into the contact center, while outbound is when a call center agent initiates a call to a customer.
Just one negative experience can tarnish a customer’s perception of your business. Call center quality assurance is a promise to deliver a helpful, pleasant and informative experience to each customer. When choosing a contact center, it’s important to make sure leadership implements and follows through with a Quality Assurance Strategy. The contact center you choose will be representing your brand, and unsatisfied customers can result in lost revenue.